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How do I place an order?

Simply fill in our Contact Us form and a member of our team will contact you to organize some free samples and arrange for one of our frozen food distribution partners to deliver stock to your premises.

Can you help us get started?

We can provide training to new businesses who plan on using our products or to pre existing businesses who are looking to boost their pizza sales. 

Is your dough suitable for all types of oven?

Our dough can be used in any type of pizza oven be it wood fired, gas, electric, combi oven or even domestic.

What is the shelf life of your dough?

The shelf life our dough is 6 months when kept frozen @ -20C and up to 72 hours when refrigerated @ between +2C and +4C. We reccommend that you use the dough within 48 hours for best results.

How does the quality of frozen dough weigh up against fresh dough?

As a result of a  natural leavening process and a totally natural recipe which is free of any chemicals, the only difference that you will notice is that our product will be 100% more consistent than freshly made dough. Many of our customers formerly used fresh dough and have increased sales due to having a consistently high quality product.

Do you provide Point of Sale marketing materials?

We can provide Point of sale posters to advertise your light, crispy pizzas. Simply get in touch and speak to a member of our team.

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