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Our Recipe was developed in Italy by professional Pizzaioli and our dough balls are suitable for use in gas, electric and woodfired ovens. Also useable for Italian Bread and Foccaccia. 

   Our story began with a passion for pizza. A background in a family run food business led me to the mountainous town of Arce, Italy, where I took my first step into the world of pizza and bread making. An intensive pizzaiolo course based specifically on developing a natural recipe that could be frozen but would perform exactly like a fresh dough when defrosted.


  The intention of developing an all natural product was always the main focus and with this in mind, we only use 6 ingredients in our recipe; Water, Flour, Salt, Sugar, Natural Yeast and Olive Oil. A natural leavening process and the exclusion of any artificial preservatives or rising agents results in a much more digestible, lighter and crispier end product.

  From the humble beginnings of a small workshop in the foothills of the Dublin Mountains, our recipe is now manufactured in Europe's leading pizza dough factory which maintains the highest level of consistency and quality control to give our customers peace of mind. Thank you for visiting our page and don't forget to get in touch to try our wonderful product.

 Paolo Soave.

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The Early Days

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